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  1. BERET FRANCE French Beret Hat

    The authentic French beret! Made in the south-west of France.
  2. MARIN MIKI Watch Cap

    This is the Breton MARIN MIKI watch cap, the traditional and authentic sailor's hat. The hat is visor free to avoid flying off in a gust of wind and the ears are free to hear the sounds of the waves.
    Velcro adjustable closing at the back. One size fits all.
  3. BARBEROUSSE Wool Scarf with Ribbed Finish


    With its ribbed ends the BARBEROUSSE scarf has an identical knit to the Saint James fisherman sweater; tight and heavy providing real protection from cold and wind. Coordinates with the BARBARESQUE beanie.
    Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.

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