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  1. ST FRANCOIS Navy Double-Breasted Pea Coat

    Reefer jacket with tailored collar. Fake double-breasted, silver button with engraved anchor. Contrasting red on neck button placket, under collar yoking, innter finishing. Slash pockets, inside pockets with piping and button detailing. Striped lining, back vent. Wool cloth.Tailored fit.
  2. ST HILAIRE Modern Pea Coat in Wool Cloth

    A modern take on the traditional nautical pea coat. A straighter fit and shorter than its predecessors, the ST HILAIRE jacket has an urban look and invokes less of the nautical tradition and more of the confidence of the man wearing it.
    Model is wearing a size L.
  3. NEMO II French Sailor Jacket | Cotton Canvas | Unisex Fit

    In strong seafaring tradition, the fisherman's smock NEMO II is simple, authentic and timeless, made from sturdy cotton canvas for facing the elements. It features a button and breast pocket on the inside of the garment to store fragile items. Back in the day sailors would use it to keep cigarettes away from water whilst aboard ship. The deep collar would then block off the wind while lighting filterless Gitane cigarettes. Traditionally, red brick colored smocks were worn by fishermen working near the water's edge and blue was reserved for sailors fishing further out in the Big Blue.
  4. TIVOLI Men Comfortable Knit Jacket with Zip | Cotton-Cashmere | Slim Fit

    A luxuriously soft zip cardigan made out of our new cotton-cashmere blend. The TIVOLI is a summer, lighter version of our popular COLORADO knit jacket. Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.
  5. MODENE Men Cotton Striped Sweater with Solid Yoke

    A classic crew neck sweater in light cotton with nautical stripes and solid jungle green yoke.
  6. BINIC Breton Stripe Wool Sweater | Loose Fit

    Originating from a nautical background, our BINIC II sweater features the plain yoke and striping detail of nautical striped tops. Knitted using traditional Saint James wool, this version gives any outfit the wow factor.
    Classic french fisherman sweater.
    Loose fit.
    Measurements for size Medium : total length is 69cm, half bust girth: 51cm, sleeve length: 62cm.
    Buttoned on one shoulder.
    Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.
  7. LOCRONAN III Crew Neck Sweater | Straight Fit

    In contrast to the sober knitting of its body, the LOCRONAN III wool sweater affirms its individuality in the refined design at its neck. In the furrows between the ribs, oblique stripes contradict the established sense to create a pattern that combines the delicacy of the knit-work and the sober tones.
    Straight shape.
    Measurements for size Medium : total length is 67cm, half bust girth: 48cm, sleeve length: 63cm.
    Made in Saint-James Normandy France.
  8. QUIBERON III Heavy Knit Wool Breton Jacket | Comfort Fit

    The QUIBERON Breton knit jacket is designed for the sea-faring man. Its flexible knit allows freedom of movement and the trucker neck protects from the cold. Practical, 2 pockets adorn the lower body with a third buttoned pocket on the inside.
    Comfort fit.
    Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.
  9. COTENTIN III Wool Zip Neck Pullover

    A favorite of fishermen for its warmth, our COTENTIN III pullover with its quarter-zip neckline has earned its place in our Saint James collections. Knitted in English rib knit, this sweater is quite stretchy for ease of movement.
    Measurements for size Medium : total length is 68cm, half bust girth: 52cm, sleeve length: 61cm.
    Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.
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